HSI February Newsletter

HSI February Newsletter

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Upcoming Webinar: 2024 Global EHS Readiness Survey: Key Findings - How does your company stack up? 

Date: February 28, 2024
Time: 2:00 p.m. ET / 1:00 p.m. CT / 11:00 a.m. PT

Explore your organization's EHS readiness with the Global EHS Readiness Index (GERI) Report, the largest survey of its kind. The report benchmarks how companies fare with EHS processes overall, by assessing ten critical capability factors for EHS readiness, highlighting gaps, and vulnerabilities that may hinder their progress.

This webinar delves into the recent survey conducted by Focus Network and HSI, involving over 1,000 global EHS leaders. Andrew Milroy, Vice President & Head of Research for the Focus Network, will guide you through the findings, sharing insights, best practices, and strategic recommendations for enhancing EHS outcomes.

Key highlights include:

Learn how technology contributes to increased EHS maturity, adding significant business value.

Discover the pressing need for unified, data-driven EHS platforms to address vulnerabilities and elevate EHS into a strategic function. As well as how to evaluate software to meet your needs, and get executive buy-in. Join us in shaping the future and staying ahead in optimizing outcomes. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity!

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EHS Readiness Assessment – Identify Your EHS Gaps

This quick, online assessment helps you identify your biggest EHS program gaps in 8 minutes. You'll also be benchmarked against over 1,000 global companies. EHS professionals who have already taken the assessment say it has helped them build a better business case and executive buy-in for improving technology and processes for their company.

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HSI at Industry Events!

If you are attending industry events, be sure to visit HSI in the expo. We would love to meet you in person! ++

Product Updates

New Course: Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Practices (2024 Edition) 

HSI has updated our full course, overview, and Spanish versions to comply with the latest edition of NFPA standards.

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New Course Series: Customer Service

HSI has also added almost 20 new titles and updated existing courses related to customer service, customer experience, and relationship management.

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Platform Update: Course Catalog Pages

HSI has made it easier than ever to find the content you need. The course catalog page in the HSI LMS has an improved appearance with streamlined capabilities:  


[New White Paper] How to Investigate a Workplace Accident: Beyond the Blame Game

This white paper uses a real world, recent occupational fatality investigation to help you transform the way you conduct workplace accident investigations.

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[New Infographic] Active Violence Facts  

Get the facts about Active Violence in the U.S. and how it can impact your business or organization.

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[On-Demand Webinar] EHS Software Solutions - How do we get started?  

Hear from Jon Liesmaki, Director of Environmental, Health, & Safety at Harmon Inc., who evaluated 27 vendors, and has rolled out multiple EHS processes across departments for the last several years, as he walks you through selection criteria, to leadership buy-in, to employee adoption.

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