Workplace Security Concerns and Solutions with Darcy Leutzinger

Workplace Security Concerns and Solutions with Darcy Leutzinger

Security Concerns and Solutions for the Workplace

Workplace violence and active assailant threats have risen near the forefront of organizations' risk management concerns. Active shooter incidents are on the rise, post-COVID. Incidents are up nearly 20% from this time last year. Following a year that saw many organizations turn to remote work--leading to increased isolation for many employees--what considerations need to be made to keep facilities safe during the post-COVID return to work?

AVERT Director Darcy Leutzinger talks to ASIS International TV Host Chuck Harold about the steps security professionals can take to prevent workplace violence in the current age.

One critical step is incorporating The AVERT Program – Active Violence Emergency Response Training. This program, consisting of an online module that is supplemented by classroom training, was developed for anyone and everyone to learn how to respond to active shooter incidents, not just law enforcement or first responders. AVERT teaches you how to respond to active violence and empower your staff to make critical decisions during an active shooter incident.

While many programs incorporate teaching the steps of run, hide, and fight, the AVERT program takes training to the next level, empowering you and your staff to Escape, Evade, and Attack – methods for cover and concealment, how to get to safety, and how to attack if it is your last option with tactical training and approaches. You will learn how to overcome a situation, empowering workers and staff through training and how to survive such a horrific event.

AVERT also incorporates Bleeding Control Training, situational awareness, and social media monitoring. It should be a critical part of your emergency action plan for any company. It will help you to train your plan for workplace violence, to train properly to respond properly. Workplaces, corporations, schools, religious organizations/churches, public venues, and arena staff all can benefit from the AVERT program.

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