Cold Stress Overview

Learning objectives

  • Identify the hazards that can result from working in cold environments including physical signs, symptoms, and treatments.
  • Identify ways to protect against cold stresses including preparations, practices, and dressing appropriately.

Course overview

The goal of the course is to create awareness among employees of the hazards inherent to working in cold environments. Additionally, the course identifies the nature, symptoms, and treatment of cold stresses and the precautions employees should take to protect themselves.

  • Training Type: Interactive
  • 8 Minutes
  • English, Spanish
Course Outline
  • Recognize, Respond and Prevnet
  • Federal OSHA Emergency Preparedness, Cold Stress Guide
  • Federal OSHA Winter Weather Preparedness
  • Federal OSHA, Winter Weather, Cold Stress, 2012
  • Federal OSHA Quick Card, Protecting Workers from Cold Stress
  • CDC - Cold Stress - NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic
  • University of Alaska Fairbanks, Department of Recreation, Adventure, and Wellness, Dressing for the Cold, 2012
  • Mayo Clinic, First Aid, Frostbite, 2017
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention, NIOSH, Cold Stress - Cold Related Illnesses, 2016
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