Unconscious Bias: 01. What is Unconscious Bias?

Course overview

Nearly 60% of CEOs in Fortune 500s are six feet tall. However, less than 15% of Americans are six feet tall. Does that mean that tall people are smarter and make better leaders? No, of course not. It’s a reflection on how we view power and authority, and it’s a prime example of unconscious bias. In this course, we’ll define what unconscious bias is, and discuss how it permeates society, workplaces, and even our own thoughts. We’ll go over where these biases come from and how we can recognize them within our own perceptions. We’ll go through some examples of how unconscious bias shows up at work. And lastly, we’ll discuss micro affirmations, micro-aggressions, conscious and unconscious discrimination, and the legal consequences associated with these issues.
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