Live 24-Hour EMS Refresher

Course overview

This program covers the following in a live format via web-based learning and is accepted by NREMT as live education and for the mandatory 24-hour NREMT refresher.

  • Preparatory (1 hr)
  • Airway (2 hrs)
  • OB, Infants, Children (2 hrs)
  • Patient Assessment (3 hrs)
  • Medical/Behavioral (4 hrs)
  • Trauma (4 hrs)
  • Elective (8 hrs)

You can enroll at anytime and take classes in any order of your choosing.

This program is certified by the PA DOH BEMS office and approved by CECBEMS/CAPCE.


Credential number is 17-GANN-F5-0010.

Individual Courses:

Each course offered in the 24-Hour Refresher Program are 2 hours in length and are available for individual purchase.

  • 247VILT-030: Individual BLS L-1 – Includes At Risk Populations, Culture of Safety, EMS Hygiene & Ambulance Safety
  • 247VILT-031: Individual BLS L-2 – Includes Evidence Based Medicine, Crew Resource Management & EMS Research
  • 247VILT-032: Individual BLS L-3 – Includes Pediatric Transport & Airway
  • 247VILT-033: Individual BLS L-4 – Includes Cardiac Arrest
  • 247VILT-034: Individual BLS L-5 – Includes Stroke, Ventricular Assist Devices & Post Resuscitation Care
  • 247VILT-035: Individual BLS L-6 – Includes Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
  • 247VILT-036: Individual BLS L-7 – Includes OB Emergencies, Pain Management & Special Needs
  • 247VILT-037: Individual BLS L-8 – Includes Toxicological Emergencies, Behavioral, Neuro – Seizures & Special Needs
  • 247VILT-038: Individual BLS L-9 – Includes Endocrine, Immunologic & Infectious Disease
  • 247VILT-039: Individual BLS L-10 – Includes Trauma Triage, CNS Injury, Hemorrhage Control & Field Triage Disaster/MCI
  • 247VILT-040: Individual BLS L-11 – Includes Team Approach & Pharmacology
  • 247VILT-041: Individual BLS L-12 – Includes Terrorism Response/Disaster Management & Environmental/Envenomation
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