Distribution System Components and Application

Learning objectives

  • Recognize distribution system components
  • Identify the common configuration, function, and elements of a simple distribution system
  • Identify primary supply line applications
  • Recognize the relationship between transmission, sub-transmission, and primary distribution
  • Identify the role of the substation
  • Identify the considerations of branch lateral design
  • Recognize the differences in overhead and underground component configuration

Course overview

A distribution system's complexity seems overwhelming even to the most experienced personnel. This complexity comes from how the components can be modified and manipulated to convert energy into usable levels for consumers. Regardless of a component’s design, it fulfills the same function universally.

The Distribution System Components and Application training course introduces configuration fundamentals, identifies the most common components, and clarifies the role a substation fills in a power system.

This course is part of the Distribution Systems training series.

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