Load Characteristics and Management

Learning objectives

  • Identify the common terms associated with load characteristics
  • Recall the difference between kVA and kW
  • Identify the characteristics of a load demand area
  • Recall how different load demand areas affect the total system
  • Identify the purpose of a load curve
  • Identify the purpose of a load-duration curve
  • Recall the four contributing factors of demand deviation
  • Define power factor correction
  • Recall the purpose of time error correction
  • Identify the different accumulations of inadvertent interchange

Course overview

As distribution and transmission technologies improve, load area construction complexity increases. Many components contribute to understanding how to properly manage load area balance and interchange.

The Load Characteristics and Management training course discusses characteristics common to load area demand. It also demonstrates how to use load and load-duration curves to help balance interchange scheduling and conduct time error correction. This online training course covers:

  • Load characteristic terminology
  • Common demand characteristics
  • Load and load-duration curve understanding
  • Load forecasting and power factor corrections
  • Time error correction
  • Inadvertent interchange

Load Characteristics and Management is part of the Distribution Systems training series.

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