AC Power

Learning objectives

  • Describe the trigonometric functions for right triangles
  • Identify the differences between real, apparent, and reactive power
  • Describe power factor
  • Explain power factor correction
  • Describe power in a purely resistive AC circuit
  • Describe power in a capacitive or inductive circuit
  • Apply power value calculation

Course overview

The AC Power lesson describes the types of power in resistive, capacitive, and inductive circuits. It explains real power and apparent power. It also discusses power factor and how to calculate its value. This online course includes:

  • Right triangle and trigonometric functions
  • Power
  • Power factor
  • Power factor correction
  • Power in a resistive circuit
  • Power in capacitive and inductive circuits
  • Calculating power values

AC Power is part of the Alternating Current (AC) training series.

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