Capacitance in AC Circuits

Learning objectives

  • Describe the properties of a capacitor and an electrostatic field
  • Describe how a capacitor charges and discharges
  • Describe how a capacitor opposes the voltage in a circuit
  • Identify the values of capacitance
  • Describe capacitance in series and in parallel
  • Demonstrate the calculation of capacitive reactance

Course overview

Every electric circuit, no matter how complex, is made up of three electrical properties: resistance, inductance, and capacitance. Resistance and inductance were discussed in previous courses. The Capacitance in AC Circuits training course delves into the property of electrical capacitance.

This online training course explains how capacitance reacts in an AC circuit. It demonstrates how to calculate total values and describes calculations for capacitive reactance. This course covers:

  • Capacitor charging and discharging
  • Units of capacitance
  • Capacitors in series and parallel
  • Capacitive resistance

Capacitance in AC Circuits is part of the Alternating Current series.

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