Fundamentals of Three-Phase AC

Learning objectives

  • Describe the differences between three-phase and single-phase voltages
  • Describe the characteristics of delta and wye connections
  • Calculate current and voltage for delta connected circuits
  • Calculate current and voltage for wye connected circuits
  • Describe the purpose of power factor
  • Calculate capacitance needed to make a power factor correction

Course overview

North American power systems are predominantly generated and delivered by Alternating Current (AC) systems. These power systems depend on three-phase AC systems to reliably carry and distribute large quantities of power over great distances. These paths are large AC circuits that rely on the same designs and calculations as small circuits. Three-phase AC operation and maintenance depends on understanding how AC circuits are constructed and calculated for capacity.

The Fundamentals of Three-Phase AC training course:

  • Identifies AC circuit construction
  • Calculates the circuits' capacity value
  • Explains power factor corrections in AC circuits

Fundamentals of Three-Phase AC power is part of the Alternating Current (AC) training series.

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