Generator, Transformer, and Motor Protection

Learning objectives

  • Describe types of ground circuit connections for a generator
  • Compare the current flow for various types of generator ground connections
  • Describe the function of a differential current relay
  • Discuss the number of relays needed for three-phase, differential overcurrent protection
  • Identify resources that specify the level of overload protection that should be used for a motor
  • Describe how to choose overload protection for a three-phase motor

Course overview

As discussed, electrical protective devices play an important role in the safe and reliable operation of equipment. The Generator, Transformer, and Motor Protection training course continues to build on this concept. This online training course explains the operating principles governing:

  • Ground fault protection
  • Phase-to-phase short circuit
  • Time overcurrent protection
  • Motor overload protection

Generator, Transformer, and Motor Protection is part of the Electrical Protection and Grounding training series.

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