Learning objectives

  • Discuss the increase of harmonics in electrical equipment and systems
  • Describe harmonic frequency and explain how harmonic frequencies are caused
  • Identify the difference between linear and non-linear loads
  • Describe how motors react to harmonic currents
  • Explain harmonic current reactions in transformers
  • Describe problems harmonics cause in power systems
  • Discuss total harmonic distortion and list ways to minimize harmonic distortion

Course overview

With the continued increase in non-linear loads such as battery chargers, converters, and computers, it is important to understand how harmonics relates to this equipment. The Harmonics training course describes problems that may occur in electrical systems due to harmonics. It also highlights the benefits of equipment with minimal harmonic distortion and discusses the wiring methods used to minimize harmonics effects.

This online course explains:

  • Harmonics history
  • Harmonics wave forms
  • Motor reactions
  • Transformer reactions
  • Power system reactions
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD)
  • Solutions

Harmonics is part of the Power Quality training series.

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