Introduction to Medium Voltage Cable

Learning objectives

  • Relate the difference in “pressure” between low voltage and medium voltage
  • Describe corona
  • Describe partial discharge
  • Describe conductor stranding
  • Identify the strand shielding
  • Describe conductor insulation
  • Describe insulation stranding

Course overview

Understanding the difference between medium voltage and low voltage cable is important. Many, if not all large motors in a plant are medium voltage. Technicians need to understand the medium voltage cable system to install, troubleshoot, repair, or replace medium voltage cables and keep the plant operating reliably. The Introduction to Medium Voltage Cable training course describes medium voltage cable components and explains why each is important.

This online course covers:

  • Medium voltage cable construction
  • Cable conductors
  • Strand shielding
  • Insulation
  • Insulation shielding system
  • Outer jacket
  • Installation and testing

Introduction to Medium Voltage Cable is part of the Cable Splicing training series.

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