Making Connections in a Junction Box

Learning objectives

  • Define an electrical junction and explain its purpose
  • Describe how to perform the following activities:
    • Use a wire nut connector
    • Terminate wires using a terminal strip
    • Form wire in a junction box

Course overview

An electrical junction box is a container that houses electrical junctions. Junction boxes are an important part of an electrical system. They provide a place to splice and terminate wire. Like any other part of the electrical system, junction boxes have to be well managed for best results.

The Making Connections in a Junction Box training course explains how to make connections and terminations using several systems. This online course covers:

  • Forming the wire
  • Wire nuts
  • Crimp-on terminals
  • Terminal strips
  • Motor connection boxes

Making Connections in a Junction Box is part of the Wiring Installation training series.

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