MOV (Motor Operated Valve) Application and Construction

Learning objectives

  • List the advantages of using an MOV
  • Describe the operation of a typical MOV
  • Discuss typical scenarios in which MOV use would be beneficial
  • Describe the components of actuators and explain the differences between the Limitorque 00/000 and 0-3

Course overview

Using motor operated valves (MOVs) aids remote valve operation throughout a plant. Valves in hard-to-access areas can be operated from control rooms or other remote locations. To satisfy a range of torque, thrust, and speed requirements, these MOVs come in a variety of basic designs that use different gear drives/ratios and spring pack assemblies. The MOV (Motor Operated Valve) Application and Construction training course describes MOV components, uses, and operations.

This online course covers basic MOV operation including:

  • Actuator motors
  • 00/000 declutch mechanism
  • 00/000 worm and drive sleeve assembly
  • 00/000 handwheel assembly
  • 00/000 torque and limit switches
  • Nameplates
  • 0-3 actuator components
  • 03 declutch mechanism operation

The MOV Application and Construction course is part of the Motor Operated Valves training series.

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