MOV (Motor Operated Valve) Disassembly and Inspection, Part 1

Learning objectives

  • List the tools and equipment required for MOV inspection and disassembly
  • Describe the things and conditions you look for during inspection
  • Describe techniques that help prevent component damage during disassembly and reassembly
  • Walk through the steps to disassemble a Limitorque SMB-00/000 MOV, inspect its components, and reassemble it

Course overview

As discussed in MOV Application and Construction, Limtorque® valve operators come in many designs. Their use facilitates remote operation of valves throughout the plant. Maintaining MOVs (motor operated valves) involves disassembly and inspection of individual components for wear and damage. This inspection contributes to longer run times and fewer forced outages, resulting in increased plant efficiency.

The MOV Disassembly and Inspection, Part 1 training course explains how to disassemble, inspect, and reassemble a Limitorque SMB-00/000 MOV actuator. This course is part of the Motor Operated Valves training series.

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