MOV (Motor Operated Valve) Disassembly and Inspection, Part 2

Learning objectives

  • List the tools and equipment required for MOV reassembly
  • Provide a detailed description of the reassembly steps employed with each of the following SMB 00/000 components:
    • Declutch shaft and fork
    • Drive sleeve
    • Worm shaft
    • Worm and spring pack
    • Spring cartridge cap
    • Declutch lever
    • Handwheel assembly
    • Tripper lever
    • Torque switch
    • Limit switch

Course overview

Limitorque® valve operators come in many designs. Their use helps valves operate remotely in a plant. The previous lessons discussed MOV (motor operated valve) maintenance by disassembling and inspecting components for wear and tear. Diligence in this maintenance contributes to longer run times and fewer forced outages, resulting in increased plant efficiency.

The MOV Disassembly and Inspection, Part 2 training course builds on the previous lesson by focusing on the steps to reassemble MOVs. This online course describes the reassemble techniques applied to the SMB 00/000 Limitorque MOV.

This course is part of the Motor Operated Valves training series.

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