Terminating and Connecting Wires in a Control Panel

Learning objectives

  • List some conditions that affect selection of components
  • Discuss the function of a truth table
  • Describe how to use wiring duct
  • Explain the purpose of din rail
  • Describe selector switches and identify how they are used in a control panel
  • Describe the value of numbering and color coding in control panels

Course overview

Control panels can control a single motor or a complete process system. Whether designing controls for a machine, a process loop, or a fully integrated plant control system, it's important to select the right components and use good wire management practices.

Wiring even the simplest control panels is an art form. Technicians who carry out this task successfully take pride in their work. The Terminating and Connecting Wire in Control Panels training course teaches the basics of wiring a control panel. This course explains:

  • Enclosure types
  • Components
  • Color coding for content panels

This online course is part of the Wiring Installation training series.

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