Troubleshooting AC Circuits

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the general sequence of steps employed when troubleshooting
  • List some potential questions to ask operations personnel
  • Identify possible visual indications of a fault
  • Explain actions taken to determine probable cause
  • Discuss how safety rules and procedures fit into the troubleshooting process
  • Describe testing performed with the power off
  • Describe testing performed with the power on

Course overview

A maintenance technician is often asked to troubleshoot electrical circuit problems. Understanding circuit components helps find the cause of the problem and fix it. The Troubleshooting AC Circuits training course outlines the logical steps used to troubleshoot AC motor control circuits.

This online training course covers basic troubleshooting procedures and determining probable cause. It also describes visual inspections. The course explains testing with power off and power on. Troubleshooting AC Circuits is part of the Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits training series.

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