Wire and Cable Management

Learning objectives

  • Describe the use of the following:
    • Cable trays
    • Junction boxes
    • Wire ducts
  • Explain the importance of using a marking and numbering system

Course overview

Wire management is considered a technician's ability to install wiring and cables in compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC). Defined as a raceway installed in a neat and workmanlike appearance, wire management is more than just presentation.

Proper wire management is the first line of defense in overheating, which can lead to electrical fire. Avoiding overheating relies on devices that separate and direct wiring safely and efficiently. The Wire and Cable Management training course identifies how to properly use conduit and cable trays to ensure the necessary neat and workmanlike appearance required by the NEC.

This online course explains cable trays and junction boxes. It also covers load centers and control panels and numbering and marking. This course is part of the Wiring Installation training series.

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