Aerial Lift Devices

Learning objectives

  • Describe the design and use of boom lifts, scissor lifts, and vertical personnel lifts
  • Identify some aerial lift features that provide convenience and facilitate efficient operation
  • List the factors that influence your selection of an aerial lift for a specific application
  • Explain the user’s responsibilities for aerial lift safety

Course overview

Aerial lifts come in several varieties, but they all share the same purpose of lifting employees and their equipment for above ground work. Lifts are used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail stores, construction, utility work, and any application where the work is in a hard-to-reach location.

The Aerial Life Devices training course describes the three main lift designs and their components. It explains how to decide which design best suits the work you're doing. This online course focuses on:

  • Aerial lift designs
  • Using the proper aerial lift
  • Aerial lift features
  • Aerial lift safety

Aerial Lift Devices is part of the Rigging, Lifted, and Elevated Work Surface training series.

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