Measuring Rules and Tapes

Learning objectives

  • Identify a rigid rule and describe how to use it
  • Identify a folding rule and describe how to use it
  • Identify a depth rule and describe how to use it
  • Explain the procedure for taking a measurement with a depth rule
  • Identify a tape measure and explain how to use it

Course overview

Rigid rules, folding rules, depth rules, and tape measures are used to take accurate measurements on many machined and mechanical parts. These tools can measure various shapes and sizes of equipment. The ability to identify the proper measuring tool for an identified task is a skill itself. The correct use of the selected tool will provide a high degree of accuracy which is critical in maintenance and machining activities.

The Measuring Rules and Tapes online training course identifies measurement tool types. It also explains the correct procedures for taking accurate measurements with them. This course covers:

  • Rigid rules
  • Folding rules
  • Depth rules
  • Tape measures

Measuring Rules and Tapes is part of the Layout and Bench Work training series.

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