Measuring with Calipers

Learning objectives

  • Identify each of the following types of calipers, and describe their operation and use:
    • Inside caliper
    • Outside caliper
    • Hermaphrodite caliper
    • Transfer and direct reading calipers
    • Slide calipers
    • Vernier calipers
    • Dial calipers
    • Digital calipers

Course overview

Calipers are precision measuring tools used to measure thickness and distance between two points. Most calipers have two adjustable jaws or legs and are used to measure small increments of distance. Most measurements taken with calipers are less than one foot.

The Measuring with Calipers training course describes common types of calipers used in machining and maintenance work. It also explains how to properly use them to take accurate readings. This online course discusses:

  • Inside calipers
  • Outside calipers
  • Hermaphrodite calipers
  • Transfer calipers
  • Side calipers
  • Vernier calipers
  • Dial calipers
  • Digital calipers

Measuring with Calipers is part of the Precision Measurement series.

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