Overhead Cranes

Learning objectives

  • Identify different types of overhead cranes and describe their uses
  • Explain the mechanics of an overhead crane
  • Discuss the responsibilities of managers, supervisors, and operators
  • List crane components and describe their functions
  • Explain the benefits of a good inspection and maintenance program

Course overview

Overhead cranes are used all over the world for lifting and lowering materials. As with other industrial equipment, safety is the first concern. All personnel associated with operation must recognize and fulfill many responsibilities.

The Overhead Cranes training course describes the design and function of various overhead crane types. It explains the importance of responsibilities related to their operation, inspection, and maintenance. This online course discusses:

  • Overhead crane types
  • Overhead crane mechanics
  • Personnel responsibilities
  • Crane components
  • Overhead crane inspection and maintenance

Overhead Cranes is part of the Rigging, Lifted, and Elevated Work Surfaces training series.

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