Vertical Milling Machine

Learning objectives

  • Identify the function of the vertical milling machine‚Äôs operational controls
  • Explain how workpieces and cutting tools may be precision located through coordinate measuring
  • Explain how to square a workpiece on a vertical milling machine
  • Describe the use of the holding and clamping tools
  • Explain how to determine suitable speeds and feeds for various:
    • Cutting tools
    • Operations
    • Workpiece materials

Course overview

In the machine shop, the vertical milling machine is a key maintenance and repair tool for manufacturing repair parts. The Vertical Milling Machines training course identifies the basic control systems and machining methods used on the vertical milling machine. It also explains the operations necessary to manufacture replacement or repair parts used in different equipment types.

This online training course includes:

  • Operational controls
  • Aligning and holding work
  • Cutting tool material and type
  • Milling methods

This course is part of the Vertical Milling Machines training series.

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