Basic Principles of Industrial Transmitters

Learning objectives

  • Explain the need for transmission of process signals in industrial facilities
  • Describe the basic operation of each of the following:
    • Pneumatic transmitters
    • Electrical transmitters
    • Variable inductance transmitters
  • Calculate transmitter outputs from a given input

Course overview

Operators in industrial facilities need to understand how transmitters send signals from the field to the control room. The Basic Principles of Industrial Transmitters training course describes the basic function and operation of pneumatic and electrical transmitters. It also explains the formula-relating transmitter outputs to inputs.

This online training course discusses:

  • Signal transmission
  • Principles of pneumatic transmitters
  • Principles of electrical transmitters
  • Variable inductance transmitters
  • Transmitter output calculations

Basic Principles of Industrial Transmitters is part of the Signal Transmission and Conversion training series.

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