Digital Thermometers and Calibrators

Learning objectives

  • Explain how temperature sources and simulators are used to perform thermocouple and RTD calibration
  • Describe the common types of temperature sources used for calibrating temperature instruments:
    • Dry Well (Block)
    • Liquid and Fluidized-Sand Bath
    • Thermoelectric
  • Describe the operation of a blackbody calibrator
  • Describe the function and common features of a loop calibrator
  • Explain the basic modes of operation of a 4-20 mA loop calibrator:
    • Measuring Current/Voltage
    • Sourcing Current
    • Sourcing Loop Power
    • Transmitter Simulation
  • List the common functions included in a multifunction loop calibrator

Course overview

When you complete this lesson, you will understand the basic function and operation of temperature calibration equipment and loop calibrators.Explain the difference between contact and non-contact sensors.

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