InputOutput IO Processing

Learning objectives

  • Describe various error checking methods
  • Compare volatile and nonvolatile memory and provide example types of each
  • Describe data table structure within the CPU memory
  • Discuss the addressing of the I/O modules
  • Describe memory maps and their function
  • Describe I/O module structure

Course overview

The previous lesson discussed how a programmable logic controller (PLC) is a specialized type of computer. A PLC monitors inputs and other variable values, makes decisions based on a stored program, and controls ouputs to automate a process or machine. Understanding a PLC's memory and error detection processes helps understand PLC program operation.

The Input/Output (I/O) Processing training course discusses I/O error checking and its impact on communication and function. It also identifies the types and structure of PLC memory and describes how memory interacts with the peripheral I/O.

This online training course focuses on:

  • Error checking
  • Memory types
  • Memory organization and I/O interaction
  • Configuring PLC memory - I/O addressing

Input/Output (I/O) Processing is part of the Programmable Logic Controllers training series.

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