Principles of Level

Learning objectives

  • Define level
  • Explain the difference between continuous and single point level detection
  • List the basic units of level measurement
  • Define the following terms associated with level measurement:
    • Innage
    • Ullage (outage)
    • Level
    • Interface
    • Meniscus
    • Buoyancy

Course overview

Tank level measurement is crucial in most industrial environments, from power plants to manufacturing facilities to oil refineries. Understanding the different methods of level measurement and the technology used to describe them is needed to effectively work on any process equipment related to level.

The Principles of Level training course explains the concept of level. It describes how it is measured using industry standard terminology. This online course includes:

  • Levels and measurement methods
  • Additional terminology
  • Determining level from pressure

Principles of Level is part of the Process Control Variable training series.

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