Refrigerant System Troubleshooting

Learning objectives

  • Identify various types of tools and testing instruments necessary for refrigerant system troubleshooting
  • State three or more safety precautions to adhere to when troubleshooting refrigerant systems
  • Follow a logical, step-by-step approach to troubleshooting refrigerant systems
  • Describe the most common causes of refrigerant system malfunctions as discussed in this lesson
  • Identify indicators for airflow, refrigerant, compressor, mechanical, and electrical failures in the system

Course overview

Today's refrigerant system service technicians must comprehend basic refrigeration principles. They should also understand the skills and tools troubleshoot issues for all refrigeration systems. The most effective technicians apply a systematic troubleshooting approach to diagnose issues correctly.

The Refrigerant System Troubleshooting training course explains how to systematically troubleshoot and diagnose refrigerant systems based on the universal application of the refrigeration cycle. It also discusses industry standard diagnostic and testing tools.

This online training focuses on troubleshooting basics, trade tools and safety precautions, systematic troubleshooting, and airflow issues. It covers refrigerant flow issues, handling, and management. Refrigerant System Troubleshooting is part of the Heating & Cooling Fundamentals series.

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