Signal Transmission

Learning objectives

  • Compare analog and digital signal transmission
  • Describe the operation of pneumatic signal transmission systems
  • Identify several varieties of electric signal transmission systems
  • Describe the following types of signal transmission:
    • Mechanical
    • Optical
    • Wireless
  • Explain how to convert between measured values and transmitted values

Course overview

Signal transmission conveys process information from one instrument to another when controlling industrial processes. As process industries have evolved, a variety of transmission signals have been used in many different applications. The Signal Transmission training course introduces various means of transmitting signals and describes the basic operation of each. It also explains how to convert measured values into corresponding transmission values, and transmitted values back into measured values.

This course covers:

  • Mechanical signal transmission
  • Analog and digital signal transmission
  • Pneumatic transmission systems
  • Electric transmission systems
  • Optical transmission systems
  • Wireless transmission systems

The course also discusses converting between transmission and measurement signals. Signal Transmission is part of the Signal Transmission and Conversion training series.

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