Learning objectives

  • List various types of transducers and identify their function
  • Describe I/P transducer operating mechanics
  • Describe P/I transducer operating mechanics
  • Discuss the basic principle behind capacitive pressure transducer operation
  • Define stress and strain; explain how their relationship is used in a variable resistance sensor
  • Discuss the basic operating principle behind variable frequency sensor operation
  • Identify the purpose of A/D (analog to digital) and D/A (digital to analog) converters

Course overview

Industrial facilities use transducers to convert one type of transmitted signal into another. The Transducers training course examines various industrial transducer types. It discusses their function and describes types of conversions they perform. This online course examines the operating principles behind the most common transducer types. It focuses on:

  • Transducer and converter functions
  • Variable capacitance transducer
  • Variable resistance transducer
  • Secondary transducer

Transducers is part of the Signal Transmission and Conversion training series.

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