Weight Measuring Devices

Learning objectives

  • Identify the two types of balance scales
  • Describe platform scales
  • Describe stretched and compressed spring scales
  • Explain the operation of electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic load cells
  • Explain the operation of linear variable differential transformers
  • Describe batch and belt scales, including continuous weigh feeders and nuclear scales

Course overview

Weight is defined as the force or pull exerted on a an object by the Earth's gravitational field. Many different devices or weighing machines are used in industry to determine the accurate weight of raw materials, products, and equipment.

The Weight Measuring Devices training course examines these common devices. It describes various weight measuring devices and explains their operating principles. This online training course discusses:

  • Balance scales
  • Spring scales
  • Load cells
  • Batch scales
  • Bell scales

Weight Measuring Devices is part of the Process Control Variables training series.

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