Bolted Joints

Learning objectives

  • Identify and describe commonly used types of bolts
  • Explain proper tightening of flange bolts
  • Define bolt preload and discuss methods of controlling the preload of a fastener
  • Describe how to identify the grade of a bolt
  • Describe failure modes of bolted connections
  • Define locking mechanisms used on fasteners

Course overview

Bolted joints are used in hundreds of applications in modern industrial facilities. Understanding the proper torque techniques, available bolt types, common bolt locking mechanisms, and preloading bolt methods is necessary for tight, long-lasting joints. The Bolted Joints training course describes commonly used bolt types and grades and discusses their proper use. It also lists common modes of joint failure and identifies preventive measures.

This online course covers:

  • Bolts and nuts and their grades
  • Flange bolt tightening
  • Bolt preload and torque basics
  • Torque settings
  • Preload methods
  • Joint failure
  • Locking mechanisms

The Bolted Joints course is part of the Fasteners and Seals training series.

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