Centrifugal Pump Design

Learning objectives

  • Explain the design of a volute pump casing
  • Identify when diffuser rings are employed and describe where a volute would apply when diffuser rings are also employed
  • State the difference between a solid casing and a split casing
  • Describe the difference between an axially split and radially split casing
  • List three primary purposes of a pump casing
  • Identify four ways impellers can be classified
  • State the purpose of a thrust bearing on a centrifugal pump
  • State the purpose of a mechanical seal on a centrifugal pump

Course overview

Centrifugal pumps are used extensively in industrial system processes. The Centrifugal Pump Design online training course builds on the knowledge learned in Introduction to Centrifugal Pumps by providing a more in-depth look at centrifugal pump design.

This course explains the role design plays in matching a pump to a process application. It discusses casing function and options, impeller function and options, and bearings, couplings, and seals. This course is part of the Centrifugal Pump series.

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