Closed Heat Exchangers

Learning objectives

  • Describe the basic components making up a typical shell-and-tube heat exchanger
  • Identify the difference between a single pass heat exchanger and a multi-pass heat exchanger
  • Define parallel flow, cross flow, and counter-flow in regard to shell-and-tube heat exchanger operation
  • Identify common troubleshooting procedures
  • Describe common repair techniques

Course overview

Closed heat exchangers are one of the most common types of heat exchanger. Understanding their operation and maintenance helps provide years of trouble-free operation.

The Closed Heat Exchangers training course identifies:

  • The difference between single- and multi-pass heat exchangers
  • Typical heat exchanger components
  • Flow types
  • Common maintenance and trouble-shooting procedures.

This online course also focuses on shell-and-tuber heat exchanger design. Closed Heat Exchangers is part of the Heat Exchangers training series.

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