Impellers and Wear Rings

Learning objectives

  • Describe the fundamentals of an impeller
  • Identify the difference between single- and multi-stage pumps
  • State the difference between mechanical impeller types
  • Explain the difference between single-suction and double-suction form modes
  • Identify types of wear rings

Course overview

Industrial facilities use pumps extensively to move fluids through system equipment. The Impellers and Wear Rings training course introduces various impeller designs and applications for common centrifugal-style pumps which move the majority of fluids in industrial settings. This online course describes the principles behind centrifugal pump mechanical impellers, pump stages, and fluid flow paths. It provides basic information about wear rings. This course focuses on:

  • Fundamentals
  • Pump stages
  • Mechanical impeller types
  • Impeller flow modes
  • Wear rings
  • Wear ring types

Impellers and Wear Rings is part of the Centrifugal Pump training series.

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