Laser Alignment

Learning objectives

  • Recall laser alignment theory
  • Recall steps for mounting the laser alignment sensors
  • Describe how the laser alignment system operates
  • Recall steps for laser beam adjustment
  • Describe how to take measurements with the laser alignment system
  • Describe how to correct misalignment with the laser alignment system

Course overview

Rotating equipment in a driver/driven relationship is common. Having driver/driven equipment in a precise state of alignment is critical for safety, reliability, and smooth operation. Aligning equipment using a laser is a safe and easy way to provide efficient operation and long equipment life.

The Laser Alignment training course explains the theory and equipment associated with laser alignment. It discusses:

  • Laser alignment theory
  • Mounting the sensors
  • Operating the laser alignment system
  • Laser beam adjustment
  • Taking measurements
  • Correcting misalignment

Laser Alignment is part of the Shaft Alignment training series.

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