Lubrication Analysis in Rotating Machinery

Learning objectives

  • Describe the typical composition of lubricants
  • Define the following terms:
    • Friction
    • Static Friction
    • Limiting Friction
  • Describe the following characteristics of a lubricant:
    • Viscosity
    • Flash point
    • Fire point
    • Pour point
  • Identify the effect of temperature on viscosity
  • Describe the characteristics of greases
  • List four main factors that influence lubricant selection

Course overview

Oil and grease have evolved as the demands on them have grown. Today, they are available in many types, providing protection for a wide range of operations.

The Lubrication Analysis in Rotating Machinery training course discusses the characteristics of lubricants and describes how they influence use. This online training course covers:

  • Lubrication composition
  • Friction effects
  • Lubrication characteristics
  • Grease and oil characteristics
  • Lubrication selection

This course is part of the Lubrication of Rotating Machinery training series.

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