Making Gaskets

Learning objectives

  • Identify different gasket materials and describe conditions for their use
  • List the three flange face types generally available
  • Describe three common methods for making gaskets
  • Explain methods for locating bolt holes on gaskets
  • Explain the proper use of a gasket cutter

Course overview

Gaskets are used in industrial facilities to ensure leak-free seals between piping and equipment connections. New gaskets should be used whenever connections have been taken apart and are ready to be put back together. Pre-made gaskets are often available; however making new gaskets from bulk stock is a valuable and necessary additional to a maintenance technician's skills.

The Making Gaskets training course describes different types of gaskets. It explains common methods for making gaskets from stock materials. This online training course includes:

  • Gasket types
  • Trace and cut method
  • Layout and cut method
  • Trace and tap method
  • Using a gasket cutter

Making Gaskets is part of the Fasteners and Seals training series.

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