Pipe Connections and Symbols

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the use of threaded piping connections
  • List and describe different types of threaded fittings
  • Describe flanged piping connections
  • Explain the use of gaskets in piping connections
  • Describe welded piping connections
  • Identify welding symbols used for pipe-fitting
  • Identify line symbols used in pipe-fitting
  • Describe how pipe-fitting symbols can represent the:
    • Size of a pipe
    • Method of branching and coupling
    • Purpose for which the pipe will be used

Course overview

Pipes must be securely fastened to ensure safe transport of materials in industrial facilities. Three connection methods are commonly used when constructing piping systems – threaded, flanged, and welded. Also, knowing piping symbols to read and interpret drawings and plans is necessary when working in an industrial facility. The Piping Connections and Symbols training course will introduce pipes and pipe-fitting symbols.

This online training course describes the methods used to connect lengths of piping and identifies advantages and disadvantages of each. It also explains the symbols used to indicated pipe types, pipe fittings, and welding connections.

Piping Connections and Symbols covers threaded connections and fittings, flanged connections, and welded connections. It also includes gaskets. This course is part of the Piping and Tubing training series.

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