Portable Power Tools

Learning objectives

  • Explain some safety precautions to take when working with portable power tools
  • Describe various types of grinders used in industrial facilities
  • Describe impact wrenches used in industrial facilities
  • Describe portable power drills used in industrial facilities
  • Describe powered screwdrivers used in industrial facilities
  • Identify and describe types of power saws used in industrial facilities

Course overview

In modern industrial facilities, equipment maintenance and repair rely on many types of portable power tools. Because these tools are used every day by maintenance workers, it is important to learn their proper use and function.

The Portable Power Tools training course explains safety precautions to follow when working with these tools. It identifies and describes the various types of portable power tools used in industrial facilities, including:

  • Grinders
  • Impact wrenches
  • Power drills
  • Power screwdrivers
  • Power saws

This course is part of the Introduction to Industrial Maintenance and the Tools of the Trade training series.

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