Torque Wrenches

Learning objectives

  • Identify the purpose of a torque wrench
  • Describe basic types of torque wrenches
  • Explain the proper procedures for using a torque wrench
  • List some techniques to ensure accuracy when using a torque wrench

Course overview

Each bolt has a specified torque value, indicating the level to which it should be tightened. Using a torque wrench provides accurate torque application. Properly selecting and using torque wrenches can mean the difference between a safe and reliable installation and one that fails prematurely.

The Torque Wrenches training course explains the need for torque wrenches in machining and machine operations. This online course describes:

  • Need for torque wrenches
  • Torque wrench types
  • Proper torque wrench use

Torque Wrenches is part of the Introduction to Industrial Maintenance and the Tools of the Trade training series.

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