Tube and Conduit Bending

Learning objectives

  • Describe tube bending tools
  • Explain how to properly bend small metal tubing
  • Define conduit bending terms
  • Describe conduit bending tools
  • Explain how to make each of the following conduit bends:
    • Stub-up bends
    • Back-to-back bends
    • Offset bends
    • Three point saddle bends
    • Four point saddle bends

Course overview

When installing tubing and conduit, you need to make bends so the material can travel around obstacles and turns. To help ensure a tubing system has a long and trouble-free service life, tubing must be handled correctly during this process.

The Tube and Conduit Bending training course describes how to properly bend tubing and conduit into a variety of angles and offsets. This online course explains:

  • Tube bending
  • Conduit bending terminology
  • Conduit bending tools
  • Conduit bending techniques
  • Stub-up bends
  • Back-to-back bends
  • Offset bends
  • Three-point saddle bends
  • Four-point saddle bends

This course is part of the Piping and Tubing training series.

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