Tube Fittings and Connection Methods

Learning objectives

  • Compare the use of a tube cutter and a hacksaw to cut tubing
  • Identify methods to remove burrs from tubing cuts
  • Describe different types of tube fittings and their materials of construction
  • Explain how to perform each of the following activities:
    • Flare tubing
    • Use compression fittings
    • Solder tube and fitting joints
    • Bead a tube

Course overview

As discussed in previous courses, many industries use tubing to aid different tasks. Since a variety of fittings are available for connecting tubing, several methods are used to make the connections that play a large role in ensuring tubing system reliability.

The Tube Fittings and Connection Methods training course describes various methods to properly cut and join tubing segments. This online course discusses:

  • Tube cutting
  • Tube fittings
  • Tube flare method
  • Compression fittings method
  • Tube soldering
  • Tube beading

Tube Fittings and Connection Methods is part of the Piping and Tubing training series.

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