Tubing Types and Applications

Learning objectives

  • List some differences between piping and tubing
  • Describe some advantages of tubing
  • List types of materials used in the manufacture of tubing
  • Discuss some applications for common types of tubing
  • Identify factors considered when choosing tubing for an application
  • Explain how to properly handle tubing

Course overview

Tubing is used in a variety of industries and tasks. To help ensure a tubing system has a long and trouble-free service life, it is important to select the proper tubing for an application. It is also important to handle it correctly during installation and use.

The Tubing Types and Applications training course describes tubing's design and function. It demonstrates criteria to select tubing for common applications. This online course covers:

  • Tubing basics
  • Copper tubing
  • Steel and stainless steel tubing
  • Other types of tubing
  • Handling tubing

Tubing Types and Applications is part of the Piping and Tubing training series.

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