Air Cooled Condensers

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the function of an air cooled condenser and its role in the operation of a power plant
  • State the purpose for the A-frame design and finned tubes of commonly employed air cooled condensers
  • Describe the standard structural components of an A-frame air cooled condenser
  • Identify flow paths into and out of an A-frame air cooled condenser
  • Discuss an air cooled condenser’s contribution to efficient power plant operation
  • List common maintenance concerns for A-frame air cooled condensers utilizing finned tubes

Course overview

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to describe basic design principles, structural components, and operating considerations of industrial air cooled condensers. You will also be able to describe the flow of water for condensation of steam in an A-frame air cooled condenser and discuss typical maintenance procedures for ACCs.

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