Boiler Burner Controls and Management

Learning objectives

  • Explain different combustion control types
  • Discuss control hardware
  • Explain combustion optimization
  • Explain system requirements for burner management
  • Describe flame-monitoring techniques

Course overview

Combustion controls and burner management systems have two functions. First, they maintain constant steam flow or pressure under varying loads by managing the proper input of fuel and air. Second, they maintain safe and efficient operation throughout the boiler's load range. Many systems are available to fit the needs of specific applications. Proper system selection depends on the boiler size and type, the fuel used, and the plant's operating requirements. Using proper burner controls increases the plant's efficiency, response time, and safety.

The Boiler Burner Controls and Management training course describes the control types used, control hardware, and the effects of optimizing combustion. It explains the system requirements for burner management, including flame monitoring techniques and scanning coal flames. This online course is part of the Boiler Firing Controls and Components training series.

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