Boiler Feed Pump Flow Path and Major Components

Learning objectives

  • Describe the condensate flow to the suction side of the boiler feed pump
  • Explain the transition of condensate to “feedwater” and identify where it takes place
  • Identify the feedwater’s path after boiler feed pump discharge
  • Describe what is meant by a “closed loop” system
  • Explain the role of the following:
    • Hotwell
    • Deaerator
    • Feedwater Heaters
    • Flow Control Valve
    • Economizer
    • Steam Drum

Course overview

The boiler feed pump is a critical piece of equipment used to maintain water level in a boiler. A large boiler manages this by keeping an operating level in the steam drum.

The Boiler Feed Pump Flow Path and Major Components training course lists the components in the feedwater flow path. It also describes how different components contribute to the feedwater system's operation. This online training courses focuses on:

  • Closed loop system
  • Suction side path
  • Discharge side path
  • High pressure feedwater heaters
  • Other components

This course is part of the Boiler Feed Pumps training series.

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