Boiler Feed Pump Water Supply and Control Systems

Learning objectives

  • Explain how the condensate and feedwater sides of the process loop are tied together
  • Describe the operation of the deaerator level controllers
  • Identify the permissives for the boiler feed pump operation
  • Describe the function of flow control elements
  • Describe the steam drum level gauge indicators
  • Explain the purpose of the boiler master controller

Course overview

The boiler feed pump is in a closed loop system that supplies and maintains water in the steam drum. The process loop ties together a condensate side and a feedwater side to complete the process cycle. Understanding this process, and the control loops that make it possible, is critical to successful power plant operation.

The Boiler Feed Pump Water Supply and Control System training course discusses the value of maintaining proper water levels in the hotwell, deaerator, and steam drum. It also describes how built-in controls help maintain a balanced system. This online training course explains:

  • Condensate side controls
  • Deaerator controls
  • Boiler feed pump controls
  • Boiler feedwater controls
  • Steam drum gauge glass
  • Boiler master control

This course is part of the Boiler Feed Pumps training series.

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